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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Select the category of your ad and then click 'place new ad'.  Do not create a new category unless absolutely necessary (i.e. if your ad absolutely will not fit into the existing categories).  You must choose a expiration date of no more than 6 months from the date of posting.  Ads in violation of these policies will be deleted, but can be re-posted if the new ad follows the policies. Thank you.

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Blinds, Shutters and More

Blinds, Shutters and More
Residents of Regency get $100 off of 10 blinds or more. Time to replace your old blinds. Specials on Shutters and Window Treatments. [more]

Vendors the association uses
The association does not suggest vendors, but has been asked many times to share vendors it uses. The association will not vouch for the vendors and does not take responsibility for their work or... [more]


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